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Phosphorus [P]


number of moles = mass / atomic mass
Atomic Mass
0.03097376 kg
30.97376 g
154.8688 carat(ct or c)
17.481075706807 dram (avoirdupois)
7.96662499935699 dram (dr) (apothecaries)
30374.8823497425 dyne (dyn)
477.99012345679 grain (gr)
30.97376 gram (g)
30.97376 gram force or gram-weight
6.09692032865281E-04 hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
6.82855076809115E-04 hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
0.03097376 kilogram (kg)
30973.76 milligram (mg)
0.303748823497425 newton (N)
1.09256812289458 ounce (oz)
1.00466299059358 ounce apothecaries (oz)
0.995828765251499 ounce troy (troz)
19.9165112720071 pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
6.82855076809115E-02 pound (lb or #)
47.7998237624404 sheet
4.87753228426534E-03 stone (st)
3.04859842519685E-05 ton long (t or tn)
0.00003097376 ton metric (t or tn)
3.4142151675485E-05 ton short (t)

carat(ct or c)
dram (avoirdupois)
dram (dr) (apothecaries)
dyne (dyn)
grain (gr)
gram (g)
gram force or gram-weight
hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
kilogram (kg)
milligram (mg)
newton (N)
ounce (oz)
ounce apothecaries (oz)
ounce troy (troz)
pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
pound (lb or #)
stone (st)
ton long (t or tn)
ton metric (t or tn)
ton short (t)

Number of Moles

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