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Rhodium [Rh]


number of moles = mass / atomic mass
Atomic Mass
0.1029055 kg
102.9055 g
514.5275 carat(ct or c)
58.0781550624408 dram (avoirdupois)
26.4678724465913 dram (dr) (apothecaries)
100915.822155316 dyne (dyn)
1588.04783950617 grain (gr)
102.9055 gram (g)
102.9055 gram force or gram-weight
2.02560694885019E-03 hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
2.26867978271222E-03 hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
0.1029055 kilogram (kg)
102905.5 milligram (mg)
1.00915822155316 newton (N)
3.62988765233955 ounce (oz)
3.33783652286734 ounce apothecaries (oz)
3.30848618322697 ounce troy (troz)
66.1695109247804 pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
0.226867978271222 pound (lb or #)
158.807479756601 sheet
1.62048423723328E-02 stone (st)
1.01284940944882E-04 ton long (t or tn)
0.0001029055 ton metric (t or tn)
1.13431988536155E-04 ton short (t)

carat(ct or c)
dram (avoirdupois)
dram (dr) (apothecaries)
dyne (dyn)
grain (gr)
gram (g)
gram force or gram-weight
hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
kilogram (kg)
milligram (mg)
newton (N)
ounce (oz)
ounce apothecaries (oz)
ounce troy (troz)
pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
pound (lb or #)
stone (st)
ton long (t or tn)
ton metric (t or tn)
ton short (t)

Number of Moles

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