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Iron [Fe]


number of moles = mass / atomic mass
Atomic Mass
0.055847 kg
55.847 g
279.235 carat(ct or c)
31.5191192479715 dram (avoirdupois)
14.3641619983848 dram (dr) (apothecaries)
54767.1982538146 dyne (dyn)
861.836419753086 grain (gr)
55.847 gram (g)
55.847 gram force or gram-weight
1.09930053566074E-03 hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
1.23121659994003E-03 hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
0.055847 kilogram (kg)
55847 milligram (mg)
0.547671982538146 newton (N)
1.96994655990405 ounce (oz)
1.81144988647421 ounce apothecaries (oz)
1.79552140434356 ounce troy (troz)
35.9103126326213 pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
0.123121659994003 pound (lb or #)
86.1851049940663 sheet
8.79439711159918E-03 stone (st)
5.49675196850394E-05 ton long (t or tn)
0.000055847 ton metric (t or tn)
6.15597442680776E-05 ton short (t)

carat(ct or c)
dram (avoirdupois)
dram (dr) (apothecaries)
dyne (dyn)
grain (gr)
gram (g)
gram force or gram-weight
hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
kilogram (kg)
milligram (mg)
newton (N)
ounce (oz)
ounce apothecaries (oz)
ounce troy (troz)
pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
pound (lb or #)
stone (st)
ton long (t or tn)
ton metric (t or tn)
ton short (t)

Number of Moles

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