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Lead [Pb]


number of moles = mass / atomic mass
Atomic Mass
0.2072 kg
207.2 g
1036 carat(ct or c)
116.940238655249 dram (avoirdupois)
53.2930034928523 dram (dr) (apothecaries)
203193.787995602 dyne (dyn)
3197.53086419753 grain (gr)
207.2 gram (g)
207.2 gram force or gram-weight
4.07855517733999E-03 hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
4.56798179862079E-03 hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
0.2072 kilogram (kg)
207200 milligram (mg)
2.03193787995602 newton (N)
7.30877087779326 ounce (oz)
6.72072656503406 ounce apothecaries (oz)
6.66162972012796 ounce troy (troz)
133.232166051518 pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
0.456798179862079 pound (lb or #)
319.758514419226 sheet
3.26284148033619E-02 stone (st)
2.03937007874016E-04 ton long (t or tn)
0.0002072 ton metric (t or tn)
2.28395061728395E-04 ton short (t)

carat(ct or c)
dram (avoirdupois)
dram (dr) (apothecaries)
dyne (dyn)
grain (gr)
gram (g)
gram force or gram-weight
hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.)
hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.)
kilogram (kg)
milligram (mg)
newton (N)
ounce (oz)
ounce apothecaries (oz)
ounce troy (troz)
pennyweight (dwt or pwt)
pound (lb or #)
stone (st)
ton long (t or tn)
ton metric (t or tn)
ton short (t)

Number of Moles

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