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All Measures

Bibliography: Selected books

The Story of Weights and Measures (Ganeri, Anita, Signs of the Times.) Anita Ganeri Hardcover 1997 $16.00
Elsevier's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Measures Donald Fenna Hardcover 1998 $172.50
Changing Values in Medieval Scotland : A Study of Prices, Money, and Weights and Measures Elizabeth Gemmill, Nicholas Mayhew Hardcover 1995 $85.00
50 Fabulous Measurement Activities : Hands-On Activities for Exploring Length, Perimeter, Weight, Volume, and Time That Will Send Kids' Measurement sk Martin Lee, Marcia Miller Paperback 2000 $8.76
The Bible and its Monetary Weights and Measurements The Set Ernest F. Schlegel Paperback 1995 $59.95
Units and Measurements (Science Factory) Jon Richards, et al Library Binding 2000 $21.90
Aristotelian-Thomistic Philosophy of Measure and the International System of Units (Si) : Correlation of International System of Units With the philos Charles Bonaventure Crowley, Peter A. Redpath Hardcover 1996 $48.00
Ntc's Encyclopedia of International Weights & Measures William D. Johnstone Hardcover 1995 $21.95
For Good Measure : The Most Complete Guide to Weights and Measures and Their Metric Equivalents William D. Johnstone Paperback 1998 $11.01
Tools, Treasures, and Measures : For Middle Grade Success Imogene Forte, et al Paperback 1994 $18.66
Dictionary of Weights and Measures for the British Isles : The Middle Ages to the 20th Century Ronald E Zupko Hardcover 1985 $30.00
Dictionary of Measurement Engineering and Units : English/German/Worterbuch Mebtechnik Und Einheiten : Deutsch/Englisch (Parat) H.D. Junge Hardcover 1990 $110.00
Basic Mathematics : Units of Measure and the Metric System James Smith Paperback 1984 $5.50

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